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A  nespresso twist on a brazilian summer favourite.



  • Liminha Over Ice Capsule
  • Fresh Lime 60g
  • Brown Sugar 8g
  • Passion Fruit Seeds 40g
  • Gum Syrup 2ml
  • Cachaça 40ml
  • Still Water 20ml
  • Ice Cubes 5 Cubes
  • Lime Slice & Fresh Mint

       Let's make it:


  • Into a View Recipe glass, place 8 cubed pieces of lime (60 g) and 8 g of brown sugar and muddle theingredients.
  • Cut a passion fruit in half and scoop out the seeds, place them in the glass along with 4 ice cubes (30g each)  and 2g of gum syrup.
  • Pour in 40ml of Cachaça and 20ml of still water and mix until the lime and passion fruit seeds float to th top.
  • Into a shaker, add an ice cube and then extract 40ml of Liminha Over Ice over it. Seal the shaker and shake  vigorously.
  • Gently pour the chilled coffee into the glass, over the other ingredients.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and mint leaves
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